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Ansiktsvård - skonsamma produkter för alla hudtyper

Ta väl hand om din hy med skonsam rengöring, bra återfuktare och välgörande krämer. Allectra erbjuder ett noga utvalt och välsorterat utbud av kvalitetssäkrade produkter inom ansiktsvård. Här kan du enkelt hitta allt du behöver för att ge den känsliga huden i ditt ansikte bästa möjliga förutsättningar att se så fräsch och välmående ut som möjligt.

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We have everything you need for a good skin care routine

The skin is exposed daily to stresses that affect both its appearance and its resilience - including UV radiation from the sun and harmful particles in air pollutants. The best way to protect your skin from these stresses is by using gentle and effective skin care products. This is not least important for the skin on the face, which is significantly thinner and thus more sensitive than that on the rest of the body.

In our range, you will find different types of facial products, all of which are good to include in a complete skin care routine. With us, you can easily and conveniently order products for cleaning, moisturizing both day and night as well as luxurious masks and exfoliating products for an extra boost. We also offer lather, foam and creams for shaving.

Choose the right facial care for your skin type

Using the right type of facial products for your specific skin type is an important part of having a good skin care routine. Different skin types have different challenges and different needs.

If you have a complexion that easily becomes oily and has a tendency to acne, you should choose products specifically designed for it. If, on the other hand, your skin is dry and sensitive, another type of facial care is suitable, such as if you have mature skin and want something that prevents wrinkles.

Here at Allectra, we offer safe, gentle and effective facial care for all different skin types.

Botanize among our generous range and treat yourself or someone you like to a wonderful gift for healthy skin.


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